Alex Wong, Getty Images

Governor Bobby Jindal will be appearing in the June 11th premiere of Duck Dynasty. In the episode the Governor will give an award to Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson.

Late last year Wille's father, Phil Robertson was suspended from the A&E reality show because of comments he made in a magazine interview regarding same-sex marriage, Governor Jindal defended the Robertson patriarch at the time ,and has often appeared with the Robertson family at charity events.  Last week Jindal’s wife, Supriya, and Korie Robertson rappelled down a Baton Rouge skyscraper to raise awareness about adoption.

“It was really neat to have the governor on our show,” Willie Robertson told The News-Star. “His family loves watching the show, and they all came up to West Monroe to participate. “He did a great job and is used to cameras being around, so he was natural. And playing yourself always helps.” Jindal said he couldn’t reveal his plot line due to a confidentiality agreement.