Reuters is reporting that a group of charter schools, teachers and parents filed suit on Tuesday against Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.


The suit asserts that the governor overstepped his authority and created a mess  by moving last month to ditch the Common Core education standards for teaching English and math which he helped usher in four years ago.

Jindal's move, which came amid a backlash against the multi-state standards aimed at boosting critical-thinking skills and unifying a patchwork of state guidelines, has also created a standoff with the state's top education official.

"The governor is acting beyond the scope of his powers under the state constitution," said Stephen Kupperman, attorney for the plaintiffs. "Ultimately, this is about the kids."

Jindal's effort, which included issuing an executive order scrapping standardized tests set to be used in the coming school year, fell short of unilaterally divorcing the state from the standards. Louisiana Education Superintendent John White has said the state must use the tests despite the governor's plan.