Shreveport leaders will challenge the results of the 201o census.   The latest numbers put Shreveport at 199, 311 residents....down from 200,145 in 2000.  Mayor Cedric Glover says he simply does not believe the city has lost residents over the past 10 years.  He also points to another problem. 

Glover says how accurate can the numbers be if the U.S. Census Bureau  can’t get the name of the city’s top official right?  A letter from census director Robert Groves to the Mayor of Shreveport is addressed to “The Honorable Bryan Wooley.”   Wooley has never been Mayor, though he did run against Glover in the last election.  

The primary reason for the challenge is tied to federal dollars.  Cities get federal dollars based on population and Shreveport could face cutbacks if the number stays below the 200,000 mark.