I may not have believed it had I not seen it for myself. Billboard Magazine has named Glass Cactus in Grapevine, Texas, a Top 25 Nightclub in North America.

The nightclub is located at Gaylord Texan Resort, and my husband, his sister and I saw The Molly Ringwalds there while my family was vacationing in Fort Worth. It was pricey, so it was a good thing we got there during "Happy Hour." But the cost was worth it to be able to enjoy the vast space, the non-smoking environment, the plush seating and...people who open doors for you! It was pouring rain in mid-December the night we went and even though I was soaked to the skin, and the nightclub was cold, it was still an enjoyable experience.

In a news release, Gaylord, Texas Senior Vice President and General Manager John Imaizumi said, "We are extremely proud to receive this exciting recognition from Billboard Magazine. Along with the live music performances and spectacular lake views that make our venue so unique, we strive to provide exceptional service and entertaining experiences for our guests that truly set us apart."

He couldn't be more right. We didn't have to wait long for a waitress to stop by and check on us, and everyone was so professional and polite. We got lucky by showing up early...we actually got a seat. Most of the area close to the dance floor/stage area was already reserved. We got a great spot stage right thanks to a new friend, who was "reserving" that area for his boss at work. The boss, as it turned out, is a huge LSU fan...and also friends with the band! He ended up getting the poster we bought autographed for us.

Aside from the spacious environment and awesome staff, the outside patio/smoking area is worth checking out, too. It's a huge deck overlooking a lake, with a wide bar area and several of those outdoor heaters. Since our visit was close to Christmastime, we got to see a cool party barge parade, and the boats were all decorated with holiday lights. I wish I could have gotten a decent picture...but it was too dark.

The Glass Cactus -- a Top 25 North American nightclub for good reason. If you haven't visited yet, you definitely need to!