The Dakotas are a hotbed for energy production, but right now, they are a hotbed for rising gasoline prices.  However, here in Louisiana, gas prices are holding steady.  Why such a large difference?

It's all about the refineries.  Trouble at some Midwestern oil refineries have gasoline prices at or above $4 per gallon.

But here in Shreveport, since our local stations are supplied by different refineries, we aren't seeing the spike in prices, according to AAA.  Today, a gallon of regular fuel will cost you $3.30.  It's a penny less than one week ago and two pennies less than last month.

The state-wide average is $3.32.  That is one penny more than last week, but the same it was one month ago.

Up in Texarkana, Arkansas-side customers are paying $3.36 per gallon, about the same as last week and a nickel more than one month ago.  Texas-side customers are paying $3.39 per gallon, a penny more than last week and nine cents more than last month.