Bossier City police had their hands full early this morning...dealing with a fight and a hit-and-run at a local gas station. An employee tells me that at about 2 a.m., two men were inside the Raceway in the 21-hundred block of Old Minden Road, when another man behind them in line made a rude remark to them. That sparked a fistfight, during which the men knocked things off shelves and left the store in a disarray.

According to city spokesman Mark Natale, the fight moved into the parking lot, and the third man hit two cars before speeding off. One of those cars belonged to a woman who was pumping gas. The other had a passenger inside...but that person wasn't injured. The first two men also drove off, but police quickly caught up with them. They were ultimately arrested for simple property damage and disturbing the peace fighting. They've told detectives the third man tried to run them over in the parking lot. Police are still looking for THAT guy...but the only discription they have to go on is that he's a black man driving a white car.