There is nothing you can say to parents who have lost a 19-year-old in a tragedy.

It's not supposed to happen. But when it does, all you can do is offer hugs, love, support and prayers. Hundreds of people have the families of Megan Rogers and Blake Fritz in their prayers tonight. Both are gone way too soon. Sweet Megan was such a huge part of my oldest son JW's life. I wanted to share some of the stories about this special angel.

When JW finished Marine boot camp and came home for ten days, he was so proud and wanted to show off his dress blues. You can only wear these on special occasions or formal events. He called Megan and told her to "get dolled up". She did without question and they went to Ernest's. Someone at the restaurant picked up the tab. I thought it was Crissy and Kent. They told me no. It was one of my sons proudest nights.

But before he left for boot camp, JW had to be at the Holidome. I had to be at Patty in the Plaza, but I wanted to spend some time with him before he left. I called Megan and asked if she would go get him and bring him to festival plaza. She did it with no hesitation. We got to spend a spectacular evening together before he left. I can't thank Megan enough for that.

"Megsta" as he called her was his GBFF. He loved her so much and she loved him too. He could not make it home to help say goodbye, but is so proud to know he is an honorary pallbearer for his Megsta.

I hugged Crissy, Kent and the boys today and expressed JW's love and could see how much love filled the room for their little girl. She was an angel in life and now an angel in heaven!