I had my favorite competitors picked out before Season 13 of Dancing with the Stars ever began, but J.R. Martinez (formerly a Shreveport resident) has come out of nowhere and outshined them all.  Last night, Martinez (we now know the "J.R." stands for Jose Rene...forgive me for not having the accents to go over those "e"s) channeled his Latin roots and performed a Samba that, in my opinion, was out of this world! And the scores were not NEAR high enough...but they still earned him the top spot on last night's leaderboard. Like it wasn't cool enough that last night was 80's night (I am SUCH an 80's girl!) -- he also danced to "Conga," one of my favorite 80's Latin tunes!

I really expected Ricki Lake to do better last night, but was pleased to see J.R. take the lead this week.  It was a HUGE disappointment to see Chynna Phillips (one of my picks of the season) to get cut last week...and I'm still surprised that Chaz, Carson and Nancy are still on the show.  I may have been wrong so far about the order in which everyone would get the boot...but I can ALMOST guarantee that we'll see J.R. and Ricki in the finals. Strange things have happened before on this show, though (I know that from being a fan since Season 3). Guess we'll have to wait and see how the results shape up tonight. J.R., Ricki and David had better all be safe!