Ever dreamed of having your own food establishment?  Or, maybe you are looking to get into something different?  Food Court Wars is looking for you.

Food Court Wars is a competition TV show where two teams of two compete in a variety of challenges to determine who will win a free year-long lease in a local mall's food court.

"We're looking for a team of two where combined they can cook something that is a little new and interesting, but maybe fun and local, and people who can run a business successfully," Kendra Nazzaro told 710 KEEL.

To win the free lease, there will be a series of challenges.

"There is usually some sort of mall challenge where they are handing out samples to 50 people and those fifty might rate them and decide who had the better food," explained Nazzaro.  "In one episode, there was a challenge where they made a kids menu and the kids got to decide who won that challenge."

So, what kind of people are they looking for?

"We're looking for all different types of people, dynamic teams that always dreamt of having their own eatery or maybe have their own business and are looking to expand or do something different," Nazzaro said.

However, they want the team to consist of two person teams where the participants have pre-existing relationships.  That means friends, family, couples, co-workers, people you know.

And if you are still on the fence about signing up, there is some star-power connected to the show.

"It's executive produced by Gordon Ramsey who everyone knows and loves," chuckled Nazzaro.

If you want to apply, email FoodCourtWars@TheConlinCompany.com.