Minden Congressman John Fleming offered his thoughts on several topics this morning on KEEL Morning News.

The first involves the myriad of scandals hitting the White House.  Fleming says the worst if the IRS scandal.

"Unique to the IRS is that you are guilty until you are proven innocent," Fleming stated.  "You get a notice for an audit, and I have been audited before, it's up to you to prove that you did everything right."

The Congressman also mentioned the next big debate in Washington will be over the nation's debt ceiling.

He doesn't know what the status exactly is of our debt ceiling and the timeline of when we are going to hit it because the Obama administration is keeping it to themselves.  Fleming did say when time does come for the government to face the debt ceiling, the Treasury has the ability to buy some time for Congress.

When asked for a probable timeline, the Congressman wasn't too sure, but estimates we would probably have an issue around November, but reiterated that no one besides the White House knows exactly what the timeline looks like.