According to multiple reports, the Capital One building in downtown Shreveport caught fire Wednesday afternoon.

Employees who work inside the building indicated that it was evacuated due to what is currently thought to be a small electrical fire that broke out on the roof.

The personnel who work inside the building have been cleared to re-enter the building.

"Shreveport fire fighters were dispatched about 12:35 to 401 Edwards St. Louisiana Tower where a smoke alarm was activated," said Fire Department Spokesman Fred Sanders.  "Fire fighters arrived on scene within two minutes, the building was being evacuated at that time. Fire fighters went in and investigated, and they found an HVAC room on the roof that had fire damage. The fire had been extinguished by a sprinkler system prior to the fire department's arrival."

No injured were reported,  and the personnel who work inside the building were cleared to re-enter the building within an hour.