This year's rash of flu cases seems to have caused a shortage in the local blood supply. LifeShare Blood Centers spokeswoman Tina Hooper says since so many people have been sick, they aren't able to donate like they once did.

"We have had a great concern about blood donation shortages. We have been at a critically-low level a few times since the beginning of the year," Hooper says. "We are assuming that flu is having a big impact on it, but we don't have any firm information to receive from our donors. But we do attribute most of the low donor turnout to that."

Hooper says the facility still has to keep a healthy blood supply, and it's been difficult to do that. She says about 500 more donations are needed to get to that point. That's much better than the 1,000 LifeShare needed before, but still pretty high.

Hooper asks that if you are healthy, and eligible to do so, you stop by either LifeShare location to donate. Those are at 1523 Doctors Drive in Bossier City, and 8910 Linwood Avenue in Shreveport. They're open every day but Sunday. You can check LifeShare's website for scheduled mobile drives.

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