Lawmakers are being asked to set limits on the number of Deputy Constables allowed in each district. But this measure is stirring up quite a feud.

Ward 8 Constable Eric Hatfield, who is running for sheriff, says this is politically motivated. "Obviously this has just come since March. I'm sure no one has heard any complaints about this from Sheriff Steve Prator until I announced that I was running against him. This is a last ditch effort to save the jobs that gives him the power that he has."

Sheriff Steve Prator disagrees..."It is certainly not political because the bill was discussed and drafted two weeks before this fellow decided to run for Sheriff. And so, it may be political because he decided to run for Sheriff because he's going to lose some of his Deputy Constables."

Prator says Hatfield has 18 Deputy Constables who have arrest power and carry guns. The sheriff says many of them are untrained and that poses a liability to the entire parish. But Hatfield says many of them were trained by either the Caddo Sheriff's office or Shreveport Police.

PART 1: Steve Prator

PART 2: Eric Hatfield