I'll be honest, Super Bowl 47 for me was a yawn-fest.  Yes, I missed the first quarter and part of the second quarter because I forgot what time the game started, but of what I did see, I was disappointed.

The game itself was decent, but definitely not awesome.  A good football game is when two teams are solid from beginning to end in a struggle to beat their opponent.  In last night's game, the Ravens and the Niners only played parts of the game, Baltimore: three quarters, San Francisco: two quarters.  Joe Flacco was solid for the birds from beginning to end, showing absolute command of where he wanted the ball to go and when it needed to be there.  Colin Kaepernick got off to a slow start and got settled in, but still showed his rawness when he and Coach (Jim) Harbaugh had to burn two timeouts because of poor clock management or confusion on a play.  Truly great games don't include mistakes like this.  The Ravens lost their mojo after the power surge, letting a 22-point lead dwindle as the Ravens literally dropped the ball on multiple occasions in the third quarter.  Yes, these two teams were teams with great stories, but sometimes it is important to remember that the Super Bowl should be the best, most competitive football game of the year.  What I considered a great game for comparison's sake: the SEC Championship game between Alabama and Georgia.  Solid play made it an entertaining, fun game to watch for someone like me who has little interest in either team playing.

And then there were the commercials.  I needed to use the bathroom for most of the game and waited so I wouldn't miss any commercials.  I should have just gone to the bathroom.  Now, like I said, I did miss a quarter of the game, so I may have missed some good commercials, but from the ones I did see it was slim pickings for a favorite ad.  The two I really liked were the Volkswagen spot and the Budweiser Clydesdale ad.  The car ad included unique and interesting humor that fit its product perfectly.  That's usually the goal of a good advertisement, to make someone want to buy your product.  The beer ad was serious and sweet, and again fits the product it was advertising.  Every other ad I saw were either cheesy, a lame attempt at humor, or tried to use celebrities to "make the ad" (which, ironically, is what the Samsung ad was poking fun at).  The ads felt stale, unimaginative, and oddly somewhat lazy despite the efforts that many companies put in to produce Hollywood-quality spots.  Possibly this may be from the extreme hype the ads were given and the results didn't match the hype.

The half-time show with Beyonce was very good.  To think about the effort to put that together and execute the show is mind-blowing.  I felt the show seemed a little chaotic, but compared to the rest of what I had seen, it was entertaining.

And arguably the best part of the game, the power surge.  What else is better than watching professional sportscasters scramble to fill time?  Unlike most sporting events, you can't just keep running commercials to kill time since companies paid big bucks for their spots and networks will not give away any of precious Super Bowl ad space for free.

Overall?  The Super Bowl this year was underwhelming.  But what I truly care about is what you thought of the game.  Let us know your favorite part of the Super Bowl in your 710 KEEL Seize the Deal Poll Question of the Day: