The Bossier City Police Department and Bossier Parish Coroner’s Office have received the findings of an analysis conducted on human skeletal remains that were found this past summer. The remains were found on June 30, 2011 in a wooded area in the 3100 block of East Texas Street. An analysis was conducted by the LSU Forensic Anthropology and Computer Enhancement Services, or FACES, Laboratory in Baton Rouge which sent representatives, including Director Mary Manhien, to Bossier City the following day to examine and collect the remains.

After conducting an extensive study, FACES determined the remains are those of a black woman between 30 and 43 years of age with a height between 4’8” and 4’11”. The time since death was estimated to be from one to eight months. The examination also showed the woman appeared to have sustained a broken nose that had already healed before the time of death. The woman’s identity and cause of death remain unknown.

Based on data provided by FACES, Bossier City Police Department has found no evidence connecting the remains to any local missing persons cases.  FACES has taken DNA samples from the remains and submitted them to the Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory for analysis. The DNA information, along with the data from the FACES analysis, will be entered into the Louisiana Repository for Unidentified and Missing Persons Information Program and will be available for future comparisons to missing persons.

FACES has informed the Bossier City Police Department that it will create a three-dimensional clay facial reconstruction from the skull that was found among the remains. Once completed, an image will be distributed to the media in an effort to possibly help identify the woman.