The KEEL Morning Show folks have seen this circulating on Facebook lately and decided -- what the heck -- we'll participate. I'm so (insert town name here)...

From Angela Thomas:

I'm so Bossier City that...

I remember when Pierre Bossier Mall, the Louisiana Boardwalk and the Barksdale Boulevard McDonald's didn't exist yet (by the way, my dad was one of the first managers of that store).

I shopped at TG&Y before our first area Wal-Mart (on Kings Highway, where I worked for several years, and where Super 1 is now) was built.

I saw Great White and Quiet Riot at Cowboys, before it became Rockin' Rodeo. I also celebrated my 21st birthday there...when the legal drinking age was still 18.

I saw movies at Pierre Bossier Mall, Mall St. Vincent and South Park Mall...when they still had theaters. Remember, Tinseltown and Regal at the Boardwalk weren't around then.

My parents have the same home phone number they did when we first moved to Bossier in the early 70's.

House of Wheels on Alfred Lane...the big weekend hangout for kids. First neighborhood I ever lived in in south Bossier.

Even though it was technically in Shreveport, I frequented Shakey's Pizza (where the McDonald's is just over the Shreveport-Barksdale Bridge). Loved watching "The Little Rascals" shows on the huge screen.

There was more than one K-Mart (and it was NOT the "in" place to shop.)

I also shopped at Food Lion before I shopped at Brookshire's.

From Robert J. Wright:

I'm so Shreveport...

I remember Pizza Inn (BEFORE Pizza Hut).

I-20 stopped at Barksdale Boulevard.

Frequented Double R BBQ in Bossier City (where Trejo's is now).

From Erin McCarty:

I'm so Shreveport...

Pierre Avenue crossed over I-20 and you could easily get to Herby K's

There was no bridge over Cross Lake.

South Park Mall was a viable shopping mall.

Youree and 70th was a cotton field.

MLK was Cooper Road.

There was a Piggly Wiggly at Mansfield and Kings.

Now that we have all that out, we're hoping it's time to put this whole "I'm so (town)..." thing to rest.