Some lawmakers want cities to stop using cameras to catch you speeding. The camera takes a picture of your car and then you get a ticket in the mail.

Senator Danny Martiny wants to stop this kind of enforcement, but his bill has died in a state Senate committee. State Sen. Danny Martiny, R-Metairie, said the “due process” rights of those getting speeding tickets are routinely being violated. “What happens with the speed camera is you get a ticket. There’s no explaining what happened,” Martiny said. He says justice is turned upside down and the driver has to prove his innocence. But Martiny says there are several big problems. One is that people are getting tickets for cars they don't own. One man says he got two tickets for a car with a Texas plate with the same number as his Louisiana plate. Both of the tickets were from New Orleans and the guy lives in East Baton Rouge and hasn't been in New Orleans. Another guy got a ticket with the photo of a white car....but his car is black. It had a Texas plate...with the same numbers as his Louisiana plate.