Would the election of former Caddo school superintendent Ollie Tyler as Mayor be the equivalent of a third term for Cedric Glover? That's what political analyst Elliott Stonecipher writes in his latest column at forward-now.com:

'The candidate hand-picked to take over from term-limited Mayor Cedric Glover is Ollie Tyler.  Some of us, myself specifically included, wonder if Tyler truly understands how and why she was recruited and is being handled.'

And Stonecipher cites as evidence the people behind the Tyler campaign:

'The ties between those who put Glover in office and those now scripting and otherwise handling Tyler are as direct and extensive as they are irrefutable.  Such is evidence that Glover is much more the driver than passenger in Tyler’s intended trip to the city’s top office.'

He also speculates that the reentry of City Councilman Sam Jenkins into the race may syphon votes away from Patrick Williams and throw the race into a runoff between Tyler and Victoria Provenza.

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