Elio Motors announced earlier this week that its Shreveport factory will build a car that not only gets 84 miles per gallon, but also comes with a five star safety rating and a base price of only $6,800.

Elio’s car is a three-wheeled vehicle, with two wheels in the front and one in the back, which comes equipped with a 3-cylinder/55 horsepower engine. Interestingly, while the model is being marketed as a car, it is legally considered a motorcycle due to its three wheels.

Although the first inception of the engine was a redesigned “Geo Metro” motor, the company plans to build an engine specifically for the new model.

Admittedly, the design of the vehicle is not one that will suit most consumer taste, but with a price tag well under the average cost of an American automobile, this model would allow a person to have a new car without a hefty payment.

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Elio Motors
Elio Motors