Shreveport fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of three house fires that occurred on the same street in Ledbetter Heights early this morning.  

The first call came in just after 3:45 to a house in the 800 block of Lawrence Street.  When firefighters got there, they found smoke and flames coming from two adjacent houses.  It took nearly 30 minutes to bring those fires under control.  Both houses were destroyed by fire.

Then, firefighters were notified that another house about three houses away from the initial fire, was burning from the roof.  They quickly responded and were able to put that fire out before it had a chance to spread to the rest of the house.

All three fires were in a row of houses that have been abandoned and unoccupied for a numbers of years. Investigators say they have been used, primarily, by vagrants.  None of the houses had working utilities and nobody was in any of the structures at the time of the fire.