The dust has settled and the voters have spoken, saying no to the Caddo Parish bond proposal.

Dr. Lamar Goree joined us in studio to talk about what will happen now.
He talked about trimming staff, but added:
It is not my intention to fire people. My intention is to make our school system as right-sized as we can be. One of the advantages of having a system as large as Caddo is that through attrition we can generally take care of positions and people
He also talked to us about the future of Caddo Schools and says some schools will have to close, but he's not prepared to name those schools right now.
We as a system have never done a great job of closing schools or even accepting that buildings need to close so that we can be more fiscally responsible. At the same time I think there's a fashion that believes we have buildings so let's utilize those buildings rather than take on additional debt.

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