Another update on the dog park issue. Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover has filed a writ of review to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals. Dog Park Alliance Attorney Dan Keele tells us he's had a chance to look it over.

"It's interesting. A couple of things that jump out at me...there's a suggestion that citizens could recall the mayor, and that that's a remedy that we could use, which is very, very entertaining I think, at best," Keele says. "The other thing is [the mayor's office has] rolled this Princess Park thing into the documents filed with the court. I think that's going to be rejected and ignored."

Mayor Glover is pushing to put the dog park at Princess Park, a plan that Keele and many local residents are completely against. He believes this whole thing is mainly a power issue for the mayor. "I think that's the nut on the bolt that holds this thing together," he says. "Because the issue really came when the city council said 'and require.' The mayor doesn't like being told he has to do it. He's always been, by custom, allowed to 'authorize,' but not 'authorize and require.'"

Keele says the mayor has tried everything he can to block putting the dog park at Hamel Memorial, where it was originally designed to be, and has done all these other things just to confuse the public. "I think it's a disservice to the citizens," Keele says. "He's not really been straight with people, he's not being consistent with his objections. And he's even enrolled this Princess Park thing as new evidence in a case that he never came into court and put that evidence on."

The mayor has argued that using Red River Waterway Commission funds for the Hamel Memorial dog park would take funding away from other more important projects. Keele says the funding sources for that proposal and the Princess Park one are totally separate.

To find out what else Keele had to say about the issue, and the mayor, listen to our complete interview here: