Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover over the weekend says that many in Shreveport suffer from "Shreveport-itis."  The mayor describes this ailment as a Shreveport resident who doesn't realize all that is great here in Shreveport.

He notes that when people come to the area from outside of the Ark-La-Tex, they see all the positives that the community has to offer.

Best of Times host Gary Calligas told the mayor a story of a couple who visited Shreveport and within a year bought a house during the Senior Health Fair at Nurse Care of Shreveport.

“For those of us who are here, we sometimes catch that old thing we call Shreveport-itis," responded Mayor Glover, "where we can be our own worst critic and don’t have appreciation for exactly the great wonderful quality things that this area represents.”

This isn't the first time an issue of resident happiness has come up in recent discussion.   Just a few weeks ago, stats from Twitter showed that Shreveport was one of the saddest places in America.

Do you think you suffer from "Shreveport-itis" (which would technically be the inflammation of the Shreveport) or as we prefer to call it "Shreveport Fatigue?"  Or, do you think that others suffer from this?