As anyone who has been on a plane knows, you are supposed to turn your cell phone completely off during takeoffs and landings.

Do you adhere to those rules?

The reason for the policy of turning on and off phones, according to the 1991 FAA ruling that instituted the ban, is that mobile devices could interfere with the plane's navigation system.

However, since there has yet to be a case of plane going down because somebody left their phone on, it would stand to reason that air travelers would start ignoring this edict. In fact, a survey from Union College of 492 adults who have flown in the last year found that 40 percent conceded that they don't always completely turn off their phone during takeoffs and landings.

Of those, seven percent further admitted that they have left all of their phone's wifi and cellular capabilities enabled during the restricted time period and a bold two percent have actually used their device while their plane took off or landed.