A 33-year-old Stonewall man faces a mandatory life sentence after pleading guilty in Desoto District Court to one count of aggravated rape.  James Horton was accused of raping and impregnating his 12-year-old stepdaughter about a year ago.  The girl reported the rape to her grandmother and told her she was pregnant.  The grandmother notified police who, in turn, arrested Horton following an investigation.  After the baby was born, a DNA test confirmed Horton's relationship.  He will be formally sentenced once the court receives the results of a pre-sentencing investigation.

Following Horton's plea, DeSoto Parish District Attorney Richard Johnson stated that this was, "one of the most heart breaking cases of child abuse to ever come through our office.  Not only did James Horton traumatize this child sexually, he also put her through the ordeal of bearing his child." He added that his office, "has a keen and particular interest in prosecuting those who victimize children."