DeSoto Parish is hosting a job fair today from 2-4 p.m. looking for teachers. It's being held at the Clista Calhoun Center in Mansfield.

The school system ranks 23rd out of Louisiana's 74 districts for academic performance, and has no academically unacceptable schools. The Louisiana Education Department has labeled it a "B" school district.

DeSoto Schools Superintendent Cade Brumley tells Robert J. Wright and Erin McCarty the teachers needed most are ones needed in pretty much any school district -- sciences, math and special education, especially at the secondary and high school levels. And it's possible you could be hired on the spot, even if the job won't be open until next school year.

"What we'll go ahead and do is hire that individual and go ahead and get them onboard," Brumley said. "That way, we can provide summer professional development and go ahead and onboard them correctly to working in our system."

If you're hired, you have the possibility of making over $46,000 a year, the highest starting salary of our area school districts. And that's with no experience.

"I would suggest that any applicant, whether it's someone who is about to finish college in a teaching profession or someone who is a certified teacher looking for work, that they come down," Brumley said. "We'll have all our schools represented. We'll have principals there, we'll have teachers there to share information about the schools."

Teachers can also earn bonuses for student performance. Brumley says another incentive for teaching in DeSoto is - it has the best students around.

Visit the DeSoto Parish School District website to find out more.