It was a shocker of an elimination on last night's Dancing With the Stars, and very reminiscent of a previous season - one in which Disney star Sabrina Bryan got cut from the competition way too soon.  It's a moment her former partner Mark Ballas knows all too well, having now been through it for the second time.

Christina and Mark danced an amazing Cha Cha on last night's show, which focused on the pivotal years in the celebrities' lives.  Christina's performance was top-notch, upbeat and fun, and she even garnered the season's first 10 (from Len Goodman, of all people!)  Yet, at the end of the show, she was the one who got sent home.

At the beginning of the show, it was announced that as of that moment, one of the women would be eliminated -- unless the judges' scores bumped her up from the bottom spot.  Christina and Mark, and Leah Rimini and Tony Dovolani were the two couples left standing under the red lights.  Crowd gasps and looks of disbelief filled the ballroom, and likely every household tuned in to the show, when it was announced that Christina would be the one to go.

This elimination was even more surprising than Sabrina Bryan's in Season 5.  After consistently being one of the top scorers, and earning the season's first perfect score, she was eliminated during week 6.