A tragic story from Richardson, Texas. 18-year-old Fabian Gonzalez had a bright future ahead of him. He was a gifted percussionist and just won a $32,000 college scholarship. The Townview High School honor student has been sell art to earn some extra money so he could afford to go to prom. Fabian's father, Ricardo Gonzalez tells WFAA: "He wanted to wear all white, because he wanted to look icy."  Fabian always tried to do what his parents asked of him. Saturday night he was trying to get home in time to meet his curfew. He was speeding so he could make it home in time. He lost control of his SUV and ran off the roadway just 15 minutes past his midnight curfew. The talented high school senior died in the crash. He was just a few miles from his home. His mom, Priscilla Gonzalez added: "Just call home and say, 'I’m gonna be a few minutes late.' It's okay." Some of his friends are trying to get the votes to have him named prom king.