The idea that Shreveport needs its own dog park is no longer just for the dogs. A judge today (May 16) ruled in favor of Resolution 133. Mayor Cedric Glover has until June 21 to sign off on creating a dog park for Shreveport residents.

Caddo District Court Judge Leon Emanuel heard arguments from both the Shreveport Dog Park Alliance and Mayor Glover's legal team on May 7 before issuing his ruling this morning.

The decision follows over a year of legal battles and a rough (ruff?) war of words between the Mayor's office and Cynthia Keith, head of the Shreveport Dog Park Alliance. Keith promised in March to take legal action, saying, "He [Mayor Glover] was elected to faithfully and impartially execute his duties and that includes signing documents."

The Red River Waterway Commission had previously approved $280,000 dollars to build the park, but Mayor Glover argued that there were other more important projects to consider and refused to sign the resolution.

The attorneys for Mayor Glover would not comment to reporters after the judge's ruling. KEEL News has reached out to the Shreveport Dog Park Alliance for comment and expect to hear from them shortly.