The staff at Couleur Boutique and owner Kitty Roark can help you find whatever you need.  They can answer questions such as:

How can you tell if your bra is fitted properly?

The band should fit snugly and there should be ample cup capacity. Proper strap adjustment is important, too. If it rides up in the back or not flat in the front center, it is not fitted correctly.

How often should I be fitted for a bra? 

Weight, lifestyle and age are all factors. It is recommended that you should be fitted twice a year.

How soon after my mastectomy can I be fitted for a prosthesis?

The earliest is 6 weeks after surgery and you must have prescription from your doctor.

What is the advantage to having cosmetics custom blended?

They custom blend to match your skin tone exactly. Too dark foundation on oily skin will cause pores to stand out and skin that is too dry will eat your make up off.  They  recommend a complete skin care program for dry, oily and combination skin.

If you or a loved one has had a mastectomy, you may want to consider clothes and products made especially for breast cancer patients and survivors. Medicare, Medicaid and other insurances will actually pay for many of these items! Kitty Roark, the owner of Couleur, will custom fit you for exactly what is personally best for you.  Sunsets, Gottex, Lenny, Luny, Lucky Brand, and Luli Fama are just a few of the famous brands in swimwear that Couleur carries year round.

Whether you are looking for an outfit for a night out with the girls, some new blush to spruce up your look or a new bikini to take on vacation, you will find it all at this Shreveport boutique.