A Colorado man has been sentenced in Shreveport Federal Court.  

55-year-old William Agnew of Cripple Creek, Colorado, was found guilty here of identity fraud, passport fraud, possessing stolen goods, and a being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.  His sentence?  51 months in federal prison with three years supervised release.  According to evidence presented in court, Agnew fled Cripple Creek in October of 2010 after stealing property and possessions from a residence there.  He came to Louisiana in January of 2011 and, while living in Monroe, obtained and used four false identities.  He was arrested there in April of last year.

Federal prosecutors say Agnew used his false identities to obtain driver's licenses, Social Security cards, birth certificates, and other forms of identification.  He also tried to get a U.S. passport using one of the false identities.  After his arrest, federal agents found many of the items stolen in Colorado in a storage unit that Agnew had rented under one of his false names.