A news article saying Coca-Cola recalled 2 million bottles that say 'Share a Coke with Michael' because there’s dirt in them is a fake.

The hoax report, which spread like wildfire across the internet via socoal media, originated on the satirical website, Empire News.

In part, the fake story read:

'Coca-Cola spokesperson Gabriella Sanchez announced in an impromptu press conference this morning that the iconic cola company is urgently recalling all twenty-ounce size bottles of the drink with the name ‘Michael’ on them due to “compromising of ingredients”. She went on to say that several customers had returned their drinks to stores and/or called the Coca-Cola customer service hotline after noticing their personalized bottles, with the name ‘Michael’ on them, had an odd taste.'

Empire News does run a disclaimer saying that their site is for purposes of 'satire and entertainment'.