New Orleans officials will be pitching The National Football League on hosting the 2018 Super Bowl.No city has ever hosted The Super Bowl 11 times, New Orleans would become the first if it's bid is successful.

The Times-Picayune reports that security is tight, as officials rehearse their elevator speech to the NFL. "The real thing is to have a superior knowledge of the event," Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation president Jay Cicero said. "So when you read something in a bid, you know exactly what it is. And you have to be able to respond. There's 1,000 things in a bid. Find a creative way to deliver it or find a way to replace something you can't deliver with something as valuable or more valuable."

Other competitors for the big prize include Minneapolis and Indianapolis. New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson will be involved in the roughly 15 minute presentation, talking directly to his counterparts and other NFL officials.