A quick move by Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover -- after video footage surfaces, showing city employees apparently using city equipment to cut trees on private property. The city's Public Works director was shown the footage of two employees using a city truck outside city limits. The employees are assigned to the city's tree-cutting section in streets and drainage, which is responsible for maintaining trees within the public right-of-way. The Mayor Glover has asked the Shreveport Police Department to investigate.

Here's Mayor Glover's response: 

"The City of Shreveport takes these actions seriously and this administration has a very clear record when it comes to protecting the integrity of public property, including all of the equipment assigned to our employees. The employees identified in the video footage aired on KTBS Channel 3 will be disciplined in accordance with the Personnel Rules and Regulations for classified City employees. The rules require that discipline be imposed after written notice of the infraction to the employee and, an opportunity for a hearing by the employee."

"I will not insert myself into the disciplinary process, however, make no mistake about it, I neither condone their actions nor, will similar actions be tolerated by any City employee at any time. I am confident that the actions demonstrated by these employees represent an exception to the rules of conduct by other city employees on a daily basis. We will follow the procedures outlined in the personnel rules and then respond accordingly."