69-year-old Christopher Sepulvado gets another delay of his exectuion. A federal judge has issued a stay, saying not enough his known about the single drug that was to be used. Desoto Parish District Attorney Richard Johnson tells KEEL News "it is our opinion that there's nothing wrong with the drug that is being used and we will hopefully get the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn the ruling from the federal judge." Here's the background on the case:
It was Friday March 6, 1992, just one day after Christopher Sepulvado married his Mother that Wesley Allen Mercer came home from school, having defecated in his pants.


For the next 2 days they beat him, refused him food or drink and forced him to stay and sleep in his soiled clothing. On Sunday, as they got ready for church they ordered Wesley to clean his clothes and get into the tub. when he didn't do it fast enough Christopher hit him over the head with the handle of a screwdriver several times with enough force to render him unconscious. He then immersed the little boy in the bathtub which was filled with boiling hot water. They didn't take him to the hospitial untill three hours later. At that time Wesley was not breathing, had no pulse, and probably had been dead for approximately thirty minutes. All attempts to revive Wesley were futile. The cause of death was attributed to the scald burns covering 60% of the Wesley's body, primarily on his backside. There were third degree burns over 58% of the body and second degree burns on the remaining 2%. The scalding was so severe that the Wesley's skin had been burned away. In addition to the burns, medical examination revealed that the victim had been severely beaten. The victim's scalp had separated from his skull due to hemorrhaging and bruising. Also, there were deep bruises on the Wesley's buttocks and groin. See the legal filings in the case.

Louisiana State Penitentiary

Christopher Sepulvado was found guilty of beating and scalding his step-son to death. He is scheduled to die by lethal injection on February 13th at the State Penitentiary at Angola. The child's mother, Yvonne Sepulvado was also charged with 1st degree murder, but that was reduced to 2nd degree murder. She pled not guilty by reason of insanity and was ultimately convicted on a manslaughter charge and was sentenced to 21 years. See her legal filings.She served only 6 years of her sentence.