The National Chimp Sanctuary in Keithville has welcomed two new groups of chimps this week.  They were sent here from a Federal research lab in New Iberia.  The first group of nine arrived Tuesday and another group arrived today.  Chimp Haven's Communications Associate, Ashley Gordon, provided the following information about the first group:

Julius’ Group

Julius is a 52-year-old stocky male with freckles. He’s a cutie. His movements are slow including his displays. Everything goes in S-L-O-W M-O-T-I-O-N.

Jessica is 44 and the littlest in this group. Her right ear looks like a cauliflower and her hairdo looks very similar to a Mohawk.

Fifty-two-year-old Sandy has a long right ear with freckles. She has a funny smile, but of course she’s a pretty girl.

Phyllis is a 46-year-old gray girl with sort of a winged hairdo and has one small diamond shaped spot on her muzzle.


Daisy’s Group

Daisy is the most recognizable in this group. She is 29, very gray and has a milk mustache.  She also likes to stick her tongue out.

Kathy is 48 and balding a bit. She has a notch in her right ear and likes to sit up on the crates and scoot them over.

Margaret is 45 and has a cute face. She seems to enjoy the blankets in her room.

Debbie is 44 and a pudgy girl; however, she is a cutie.

Linda, too, is 44 and has lots of freckles. She sports a hairdo similar to Rita (a seasoned resident of Chimp Haven).