Shreveport's Centenary College of Louisiana is beginning a new program with freshman students in the fall of 2014. The opportunity to do "More in 4" will give students the chance to participate in two separate sets of immersive studies in August and May and earn up to a total of 40 credit hours per year.

The idea is to provide students with more time to devote to campus activities such as the living, learning communities, campus sports, theater and choir, all while properly preparing them for the experiences and opportunities that they'll face after graduation.

August's immersive study begins August 4, 2014 and ends August 22, 2014. Students will begin their first Centenary course during this time, both beginning and ending on campus, plus includes an 8 to 10 day stay in Paris, France.

Each course will be taught by a Centenary faculty member, and the trip to Paris will be supervised by Centenary staff members.

[via Centenary]