The world-famous Centenary College Choir is in Italy for a two-week tour.  Fifty students along with college staff, friends, and family will be there through May 20th.  

The choir will perform at several concerts and services in Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan.  The choir will even sing mass at St. Peters Basilica in the Vatican -- the first time it's done that since 1985.

Known as America's Singing Ambassadors, the choir has performed throughout the world since its founding in 1941.  It's sung for American and European heads of state, NATO and American armed forces, and the Council of Bishops, just to name a few.

Choir director David Hobson says tours like this offer students the chance to be musical ambassadors for Centenary and the United States.  But he says it also gives them the opportunity to explore other cultures of the world.  While in Italy, the group will not just perform but will also visit some of the most famous cathedrals and basilicas in the world and the birthplaces and work centers of important musical figures.