Local Teams do Well at Shell Eco-Marathon
Once again, a team of students from Louisiana Tech University came out on top at the Shell Eco-Marathon in Houston. The Tech students claimed first place in the diesel-powered Urban Concept Vehicle category with 315.9 mpg.
Would You Fly in a Solar-Powered Plane?
Don't think I'd book this flight. A solar-powered plane will be unveiled today in California. This plane has already sparked lots of interest across Europe. The creators of the Solar Impulse will announce which U.S. cities the experimental plane will visit during a North American flight in…
Parents Will Want this New Gadget!
Moms and Dads might like this new product. It's aimed at stopping you from texting and driving. It's called Textbuster. This is a tiny little electronic gadget that sends a blocking signal to the driver's cell phone via Bluetooth and it keeps the phone from using any of the data funct…

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