DDA to Sell Old Parking Meters
Beginning Monday morning (Aug 4) DDA's ShrevePark Parking Services will be selling old parking meters. These are meters that date back to the 1980s and are no longer in use.
Beware of the ‘Zombeavers’ (Video)
A couple of years ago, the movie 'Sharknado' was all the buzz, primarily for being really, really bad. Now, this summer, the latest in that series of 'so bad it's good' flicks is the horror / comedy 'Zombeavers'!
710 KEEL Quiz of the Day: How Redneck Are You?
So if you had to make up a list of questions to determine someone's 'redneck quotient', what would they be? Do you drive a pickup? What percentage of your life has been spent in a deer stand? Or, better yet, have you ever taken a date to a deer stand...and really gone deer hunting?

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