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Shreveport Ending Homelessness For Veterans
Back in 2010 KSLA found that on any given night in Shreveport around 1,000 people were homeless with around 200 of them being veterans... Now in 2017 this has changed! The city is saying it has now functionally ended homelessness for veterans...
Scenes From Shreveport [VIDEO]
Shreveport is really a gorgeous city in many places. We have a wide variety of architecture, landscapes, water features, cityscapes, and countryside all right here in our hometown.
LSU Health Shreveport Receives $1.2 Million Gift
LSU Health Shreveport has received a substantial gift that will help educate new doctors. The gift of $1.2 million comes from the Medical Center Clinics, Inc. and will be used to create an endowment to enhance its 29 resident and fellowship programs.
2016 Best Bartender In The Ark-La-Tex Final
With over 1,500 votes the Winner of2016 Best Bartender In The Ark-La-Tex is...
Joshua Hayes (Flippy) - Fatty Arbuckles Pub
Joshua Hayes- "I would just like to say thank you to everyone who voted for me. I really love what I do, the bar I work at and the people I serve...
Beloved Local Teacher Retires In True Louisiana Style! (Video)
After 45 years of teaching Robert Trudeau is leaving Caddo Magnet High School! Robert told The Shreveport Times "I have enjoyed and felt supported every day of my long career, especially at Magnet," he said. "As people of a certain age know, there is a moment in your think…

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