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Funeral Arrangements Set For Jerry Beach
Local blues legend Jerry Beach passed away Sunday. He leaves behind, not only a legacy of amazing music, but also a host of family, friends, and loved ones who would want to pay their respects.
The Glenwood Tea Room Under New Ownership
Since 1990, The Glenwood Tea Room has been offering a bit of British class to Shreveporters. But the Tea Room was in danger of closing its doors forever, that is until new owners, Jarred and Kera Hamilton, came in and saved it from being shuttered. And they have expectations to meet.
What’s Inside The Ellerbe Road School? [VIDEO]
According to many legends, the abandoned buildings that once housed students and faculty now hold sinister spirits. Long being a place where dares are made, the school is on private property, and people are urged not to trespass. It is a crumbling structure, after all, and could be extremely dangero…

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