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New Eye Procedure At WK Seems Like Science Fiction
You've seen movies or TV shows that have a person with some form of mechanical augmentation. The Six Million Dollar Man, The Borg from Star Trek , even Darth Vader...all "cybernetic organisms." Would you believe that medical technology right here in the Ark-La-Tex is now catching up t…
Local Art Community Mourns Loss Of Doll Artist
Paula Hallman, a well respected and beloved local artist, passed away Monday in her sleep due to blood clots in her legs travelling to her heart. The local art community is stunned by the unexpected death of the 59-year-old artist.
Camping World Independence Bowl To Host Youth Football Clinic
Before you know it, football season will be here! And what better way is there to celebrate than getting your budding linebackers and quarterbacks enrolled in a football camp designed by champions of the game?

Get ready for the sixth-annual Camping World Independence Bowl Youth Football Clinic!
Times When Shreveport-Bossier Made National News
The recent and still-ongoing floods have put our area in the national spotlight. We even poked a little fun at some of the networks for not knowing that a) we have Parishes and b) Bossier is NOWHERE near Lafayette.
It stands to say that when any city gets mentioned in the national news, it is rarely …

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