Best Of Shreveport

Shreveport Chamber Of Commerce Is Searching For Its Next President
The Greater Shreveport Chamber Of Commerce is an organization that promotes economic prosperity, serves as a business advocate, and celebrates the achievements of our region. Recently Richard H. Bremer stepped down as President, and now the Chamber is looking for the next "face of the Chamber.&…
Local Man In Running For Worldwide Van Gogh Lookalike Contest
Vincent Van Gogh is regarded as one of the most important artists of all time. His influence has been felt throughout the art world since his suicide in 1890. Now a Canadian artist has been commissioned to make a bronze statue of Van Gogh and is asking the world for lookalikes to use to sculpt the f…
Businesses Cashing In On Popularity Of Pokemon Go
In a little over a week, Pokemon Go has become the most downloaded app EVER for smart devices. It's taking the world by storm, and some businesses are taking advantage of the millions of people wandering around looking for the little monsters.

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