12 Human Foods That Could Kill Your Dog
One of the most important things about pet care is knowing what you can and can't feed your dog. Vets will tell you that there is actually a long list of foods you may not know can be harmful to your dog, including some that are perfectly healthy for humans.
More Amazing ‘Exploding Whales’ Videos
One of our biggest stories last week was the one about the dead whale that washed ashore in eastern Canada, Trout River, Newfoundland, to be  precise. The point of the story was the growing concern that as the whale carcass deteriorated, gasses would build up inside the huge beast and it c…
Dogs Are the Best Alarm Clocks (Video)
When I was a dog owner, my two (Yorkies Gizmo and Peanut who lived to the ages of 19 and 15, respectively) loved nothing more than to jump on the bed and wake me a time totally of their choosing.

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