The roll out of the Affordable Care Act is still a painful experience for some looking for new health insurance plans after being dropped from their current plans.  Congressman Bill Cassidy says even President Obama's concession to allow Americans to keep their plans doesn't work.

"There are millions of Americans losing the insurance they were promised they could keep, access to doctors they have built a relationship with, and frankly they were lied to," Congressman Cassidy told 710 KEEL.  "He can blame the insurance company instead of his law for people losing their insurance, but the American people don't need to be lied to, they need to be told the truth.  These sort of shenanigans are so frustrating."

Cassidy said the next round to feel the pain of the new law are small business owners and those who work for small businesses.  He said larger corporations who self-insure their employees will not be affected by Obamacare.

"Self-insured plan is not affected by the Affordable Care Act," explained Cassidy. " It's carved out, if you will. It is the smaller business owner and she is the one who has the policy that works for her employees with the doctors they want to have, that is what is at risk under Obamacare."

Back during the debt ceiling debate, there was a rift among the Republicans in Washington about how to take on Obamacare.  Some argued to just let the law run its course and let it fall on its own face.  Others argued to defund and repeal the Affordable Care Act.  Which option is working best now?

"I think the Republicans tried their best to protect the American people from its consequences," Cassidy responded.  "The government shutdown happened because Republicans voted to fully fund the government and all we asked is that the mandate be delayed for a year because it was going to hurt the American people."

Cassidy also told 710 KEEL the issues with Obamacare are deep and there will likely still be many surprises yet to come.