President Barack Obama announced he would delay the cancellation of health insurance policies for millions of Americans, but one Louisiana politician finds the timeline peculiar.

Congressman Bill Cassidy said the deadline conveniently falls after the 2014 election season.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Meanwhile, Senator Mary Landrieu, who Cassidy is challenging in 2014, has her own bill that would assure those who like the health insurance they currently have, they can keep it, just as it was promised by President Obama.

Now, this bill proposed by Landrieu will only apply to Americans who currently have insurance and will keep insurance companies from selling the same type of plan to new customers.

Cassidy says Landrieu's bill just can't work.  He argues insurance only works when there is a large pool of risk.

However, Landrieu countered, saying Cassidy does not understand Obamacare.