Everyone thinks that more money will make them happier. But economists Daniel Kahneman and Angus Dean recently conducted a study that approximates how much money you need to make in each state to reach a level of happiness until a greater income won't make you any happier!

According to the report:

Earning more money will increase your day to day emotional well being, but only up to a point. At a certain level Americans reach a happiness plateau, in which they don't report better emotional well being regardless of how much more they earn.

According to Kahneman and Dean, that amount in Louisiana is a $71,475 a year.

It's somewhat surprising, that given a number of economic factors, our state ranked as high as 31st out of 50. Perhaps just as surprising, Texas ranked below Louisiana at 39th at a salary of $69,600. But no shock that to the east, Mississippi was 50th at $65,850. Nor that at the other end of the list, Hawaii, Washington, D.C. and New York require the most cash for contentment.