Miriam Trafford is a lot of things at Shreveport's Caddo Magnet High School. She's Homecoming Queen for one. But her achievements don't stop there, because Miriam is now a world archery champion!

This weekend Trafford took the gold medal in recurve at the World Archery Championships in Zagreb, Croatia. From USA Archery's Facebook page:

'Miriam Trafford is no stranger to the World Archery Field Championships. 

In fact, there has been a member of the Trafford family – some combination of father Skip, mother Charlene, and siblings Rachael, Heather, Miriam and Hardy - in the finals of every World Archery Field Championships since 2008. 

Miriam became the new world champion in the recurve junior women's category today, clinching a hard-fought gold medal against teammate and close friend Karissa Yamaguchi.'