Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover has been ordered to execute or explain his lack of action on the dog park front. Attorney Dan Keele tells us Caddo District Court Judge Leon Emmanuel has issued this ruling and ordered the Mayor to a hearing on April 10th.

What if the Mayor still refuses to sign off on the funding from the Red River Waterway Commission to pay for a dog park on the Shreveport Riverfront? Keele says "I'm not in the business of forecasting, but I assume there are remedies to either give him a choice of either signing it or something else."  Keele would not speculate about what he thinks the Mayor might do, but he did tell us: "If he signs it, it goes away. It's a matter of him not doing his duty...and not following the law." Hear our interview with Attorney Dan Keele:

We have contacted the Mayor's office for his response and a spokesman tells KEEL News he will have no contact at this point. But Rod Richardson says this is just the Judge setting a court date to hear the case.